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The AIDH Digital Health Studio has a proud history of broadcasting the voices of the digital health community. It is the studio channel for forward thinkers.

To capture the voices of leading digital health experts from around the world at MedInfo 2023, the one and only Jessica DaMassa, Executive Producer and Host of WTF Health, will be conducting interviews for the Digital Health Studio. Jessica will interview pre-eminent speakers and attendees to tell their stories on the latest digital health innovations that they are involved in and what they think have been the key take aways from MedInfo 2023.

About Jessica DaMassa

Jessica DaMassa has emerged as the ‘it girl’ of health tech interviewing. She brings an enthusiastic, fun, charming style, a ton of knowledge, and plenty of tough questions to her hosting of conferences, interviews, and shows focused on health technology and the business of health innovation. With more than 1,000 interviews in six years, Jessica is the ‘girl to know’ to meet ‘who’s who’ and find out ‘what’s what’ in healthcare innovation and technology.

Her current project, ‘WTF Health – What’s the Future, Health?’ is an interview series that has taken her around the world to literally ask everyone everywhere about the future of health – and WTF is wrong with it right now. Jessica is also host of ‘CVS Health Live’, an innovation series put out by US mega-healthcare brand CVS Health. She got her start working for healthcare payer on its innovation team.

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