If you have a keen interest on the impacts of artificial intelligence on healthcare you may be interested in these highlights from the MedInfo 2023 program. For the whole breadth of the program please visit the #MEDINFO23 program to curate your own special experience.

Saturday 8 July

1 | 9:00am On the first day of the conference in session 105: Health data science and artificial intelligence, learn how Voice BOTS may assist in pre-clinical assessments.

#MEDINFO23: Highlights for artificial intelligence (with Dr Frank Lin, A/Prof Michelle Barakat-Johnson, and Dr Shashi Gogia)

Dr Shashi Gogia, President, Society for Administration of Telemedicine and Healthcare Informatics (SATHI) will run the tutorial. After this in the same session, A/Prof Michelle Barakat-Johnson, Clinical Lead & Nurse Manager of Skin Integrity Sydney Local Health District will discuss the evaluation of an artificial intelligence app to improve wound assessment and management..

2 | 3:15pm Session 162: Health data science and artificial intelligence incudes a panel that will review the state-of-the-art in applying AI and ML to improve the management of patient safety incidents.

#MEDINFO23 Artificial Intelligence (with Peter Williams FAIDH CHIA, Dr Ying Wang, Dr Yang Gong, Dr Zoie SY Wong, Prof Farah Magrabi FAIDH, Prof Jim Buttery CHIA, and Prof Tom Snelling)

The session is chaired by Peter Williams FAIDH CHIA Executive Director Healthcare Industry JAPAC Oracle Health.

Sunday 9 July

3 | 9:00am For the Sunday morning concurrent sessions head to Session 202: Health data science and artificial intelligence and hear 7 different presentations from speakers from around the world.

#MEDINFO23 Artificial Intelligence (with Dr Titinunt Kitrungrotsakul, Dr Danqing Hu, Maryam Mehdizadeh, Dr Peijun Hu, Friedmann Ringwald, Jinnan Hu, and Dr Yan Zhu)

4 | 11:00am Session 228: Down to business with the workforce.

#MEDINFO23 Artificial Intelligence (with Ian Fletcher AFAIDH, Melinda Wassell CHIA, Dr Rob Pearlman, A/Prof Rohan Essex, and Nathan Moore FAIDH CHIA)

In this session hear from a panel of experts as they explore how the use of innovative technologies including AI can help to develop the healthcare workforce.

5 | 3:00pm End your Sunday by attending the Official Conference opening plenary session, which features a keynote presentation from Professor Toby Walsh, Chief Scientist, UNSW, AI Institute titled: Generative AI: Why all the fuss?

#MEDINFO23 Artificial Intelligence with Prof Toby Walsh

Monday 10 July

6 | 11:00am Session 308 – Quality, safety and outcomes. In this session you will hear from a panel of experts as they discuss the challenges and opportunities of ethical artificial intelligence.

#MEDINFO23 Artificial Intelligence (with Dr Polina Kukhareva, Prof Farah Magrabi FAIDH, Dr Philip Scott, Dr Zoie Sy Wong, A/Prof Anton Gradisek, Prof Shabbir Syed Abdul, Umashankar Upadhyay, Prof Yu-Chuan (Jack) Li, and Prof Usman Iqbal FAIDH)

A panel on regulation vs innovation in health information technology markets will also be presented.

7 | As an alternative, in Session 302 hear from a range of speakers present on topics related to health data science and artificial intelligence.

#MEDINFO23 Artificial Intelligence (with Dr Ying Wang, Ben Knoll, Sy Hwang, Dr Danielle Mowery, Dr Thankam Thyvalikakath, Prof Keyuan Jiang, Lean Franzl Lim Yao, and Dr Hua Xu)

8 | 2:10pm In the afternoon head to Session 332: A role for AI to hear a range of presentations on how artificial intelligence can be used to improve healthcare.

#MEDINFO23: A guide for digital health beginners (with Nathan Moore FAIDH CHIA, Dr Shauna Overgaard, Kathleen Wilton, A/Prof Sandeep Reddy, Dr Kelvin Ross, and Dr Simon Kos)

Topics include: the use of AI in clinical documentation, the challenges in transferring state of the art AI models to Australian hospitals and the role of speech recognition in improving the quality and turnaround of clinical documentation.

Tuesday 11 July

9 | 10:40am Session 408: Health Data Science and artificial intelligence involves two different panels.

#MEDINFO23: #MEDINFO23: A guide for digital health beginners (with Jo Strother FAIDH CHIA, Prof James Cimino, Prod Andrew Georgiou FAIDH, Dr Xia Jing, Prof Vimla Patel, Dr Kit Huckvale, Prof Usman Iqbal FAIDH, Prof Yu-Chuan (Jack) Li, and Dr Edward Shortliffe)

The first is focused on scientific hypothesis generation in clinical research and the second focused on the dilemma of evaluation AI applications in healthcare settings. The session is chaired by Jo Strother FAIDH CHIA, Principal Project Manager Queensland Health.

10 | 1:50pm After lunch head to Session 434: Digital health innovation and attend a workshop titled: AI: Friend or foe?

#MEDINFO23: A guide for digital health beginners (with peter Williams FAIDH CHIA, Prof Chris Bain FAIDH, and Adjunct Prof Michael Draheim)

The workshop features Peter Williams FAIDH CHIA, Executive Director Healthcare Industry JAPAC, Oracle Health, Prof Chris Bain FAIDH, Professor of Digital Health, Monash University, and Adjunct Prof Michael Draheim, Chief Clinical Information Officer, Oracle Health.

Wednesday 12 July

11 | 9:00am The morning plenary session features a keynote address from Prof Raina McIntyre titled The public health case for AI and open source data for rapid epidemic intelligence.

#MEDINFO23 Artificial Intelligence with Raina Macintyre

12 | 11:00am After the plenary session and morning tea, Session 506: Health data science and artificial intelligence includes 7 presentations on a range of topics related to artificial intelligence.

#MEDINFO23 Artificial Intelligence (with Changrong Pan, Meg Stevens, Dr Abeed Sarker, Jaya Chaturvedi, Dinithi Vithanage, and A/Prof Yoshimasa Kawazoe)

13 | 1:50pm And please stay on to hear the official closing plenary session to hear a panel on interoperability and the official hand over to the next MedInfo host nation Taiwan.

#MEDINFO23 Artificial Intelligence (with Dr Daniel Vreeman, Heather Grain, Dr W Ed Hammond, Don Sweete, Dr Eza Hafeza, Dr Ngai Tseung Cheung FAIDH, and Prof Yu-Chuan (Jack) Li, along with beautiful Teipei)