If you are interested in learning more about ways of advancing the digital health workforce you may be interested in these highlights from the MedInfo 2023 Program.  For the whole breadth of the program please visit MedInfo 2023 Program to curate your own special experience.

Saturday 8 July

1 | 11:00am Begin your weekend MedInfo 2023 program by attending Session 123: Human, organisational and social aspects and participate in two workshops focused on designing educational healthcare systems.

#MEDINFO23 advancing the digital health workforce (with Dr Mary Lam FAIDH CHIA, Meg Perrier, Dr Caren Stalburg, Dr Sathana Dushyanthen, Dr Kayley Lyons, Prof Gretchen Piatt, Prof Angela Davies, and Fran Hooley)

The first one you will learn about the challenges and opportunities in developing a Learning Health System education program and in the second you’ll learn about the current needs of the healthcare workforce in understanding the applications of artificial intelligence in healthcare.

2 | Alternatively at the same time you can attend Session 124 and hear a workshop on Building a global public health informatics workforce

#MEDINFO23 advancing the digital health workforce (with Dr Nadish Kariyawasam FAIDH CHIA, Prof Kerryn Butler-Henderson FAIDH CHIA, Dr Susan Fenton, Dr Gabriela Wilson, and Prof Brian Dixon)

3 | 1:15pm After lunch, check out Session 144: Human, organisational and social aspects for a workshop and panel on leadership development in biomedical and health informatics.

#MEDINFO23 advancing the digital health workforce (with A/Prof Paul Cooper FAIDH CHIA, Dr Justin Starren, Dr Adam Wilcox, Dr Peter Embi AFAIDH, Prof Gayo Diallo, A/Prof Rui Zhang, Prof Lei Liu, and Prof Huanmei Wu)

Sunday 9 July

4 | 9:00am Start your Sunday by attending Session 208: Stories of the workplace and participate in a workshop for generating ideas to assist with recruitment and retention issues in Wales, UK.

#MEDINFO23 advancing the digital health workforce (with Prof Wendy Dearing, Sarah-Jane Parsons, and Andrea Krussel)

You can then listen to a panel session that will look at how best to accommodate a hybrid workforce in healthcare.

5 | 11:00am Attend Session 228: Down to business with the workforce and hear three presentations focused on workforce issues as well as a panel that will explore what technologies are currently available to support the healthcare workforce.

#MEDINFO23 advancing the digital health workforce (with Dr Ian Fletcher AFAIDH, Melinda Wassell CHIA, Dr Rob Pearlman, A/Prof Rohan Essex, and Nathan Moore FAIDH CHIA)

6 | 1:15pm Session 247: Case study primary care in remote communities is a workshop that will draw on experiences and projects from Australia, Canada, Africa and Scandinavia to explore how digital tools and resources such as data, devices and telehealth can be optimally deployed in remote communities.

#MEDINFO23 advancing the digital health workforce (with Dr Ian Fletcher AFAIDH, Prof Tim Shaw, Dr John Pawlovich, and Dr Christina Igasto FAIDH)

Understanding the digital health skills required by our future health workforce will also be explored.

7 | Following this, attend the Official Conference Opening on Sunday afternoon 3:30 – 5:00pm.

Official Conference Opening - Following the completion of your weekend sessions, be sure to attend the Official Conference opening on Sunday afternoon 3:30 - 5:00pm.

Hear from the conference co-chairs and some excellent keynotes speakers.

Monday 10 July

8 | 8.30am-10.10am: Start your Monday by attending the morning plenary session

#MEDINFO23 opening plenary
Hear an address from the hon Ged Kearney MP, Assistant Minister for Health and Care. This will then be followed by keynote presentations from Jessica DaMassa on the future of health trendspotting, Dr Jordi Piera Jimenez on the power to reshape the health ecosystem by embracing open platforms, Ian Burgess on the opportunities for digital health uptake in the MedTechSector and finally Dr Karen DeSalvo in a fireside chat with Dr Louise Schaper discussing how best to upgrade the healthcare sector

9 | 2.10p-3.40pm, Session 327 Human, organisational and social aspects. Hear from a panel of experts as they discuss emerging digital workforce expectations in terms of technology, education, and career satisfaction and advancement.

Session 327 Human organisational and social aspects

Tuesday 11 July

Attend both the morning and afternoon plenary sessions and then some of these suggested concurrent sessions:

10 | 1.50-3.20pm, Session 431 Digital in aged care. This session will focus on the digital transformation in aged care. Hear from an international panel of experts as they discuss what the sector needs to do to successfully implement digital transformation.

Workforce digital aged care

11 | The final plenary session of the day 4.00-5.30pm as Dr Osama El Hassan Coordinator, GCC Taskforce on Workforce Development in Digital Healthcare presents and keynote titled: Building digital health workforce capability across the GCC.

#MEDINFO23: A guide for digital health beginners (with Dr Osama El Hassan, Prof Enrico Coiera FAIDH, Emeritus Prof Lesley Hughes, and Prof Nicholas Talley AC)

Wednesday 12 July

11 | On the final day of the conference attend Session 511 11.10-12.40pm Enabling workforces and hear six presentations all focused on building the capability of the digital health workforce.

And don’t forget the final plenary session and close!