If you are new to #digitalhealth you may be interested in these highlights from the MedInfo 2023 program. For the whole breadth of the program please visit the #MEDINFO23 program to curate your own special experience.

Monday 10 July

1 | Be inspired at the opening plenary session from 8:35am on Monday July 10 where you will hear national and global insights on the future for healthcare.

#MEDINFO23: A guide for digital health beginners (with The Hon Ged Kearney MP, Jessica DaMassa, Dr Karen DeSalvo, Dr Louise Schaper, Ian Burgess, Prof Farah Magrabi and Dr Martin Seneviratne)

  1. The Hon Ged Kearney MP Assistant Minister for Health and Aged Care.
  2. Jessica DaMassa on health trendspotting.
  3. Dr Louise Schaper interviews the Chief Health Officer of Google Dr Karen de Salvo.
  4. Barriers, opportunities and solutions for digital health uptake in the medtech sector – a presentation by the CEO of the Medical Technology Association of Australia Ian Burgess.
  5. Meet two Australian digital health leaders Prof Farah Magrabi and Dr Martin Seneviratne, the conference co-chairs.

2 | Learn about the impact of digital health and benefits for patients & consumers when you attend Session 314: Patients at the digital front door.

#MEDINFO23: A guide for digital health beginners (with Travis Hodgson, Dr Vickie Knight, Kate Quirke, Josh Farrington and Darren Reynolds)

Topics include bedside connectivity, consumer engagement, new models of care, and health equity.

3 | At 2:10pm, head down to session 330: Virtual care is the way of the future!

#MEDINFO23: A guide for digital health beginners (with Bridget Holmewood, A/Prof Sam Heard FAIDH, Tea Dietterich, Dr Silvia Pfeiffer, Carla Sunner, Deepak Biswal and Deanna Norgrove)

In this session you will hear from long time digital health advocate and clinician A/Prof Sam Heard about virtual care in a remote Aboriginal community. There are also presentations on virtual hospitals and even virtual emergency departments.

4 | At 4:15pm, join the fireside chat in the closing plenary with the Chairman of Oracle Health (USA) Dr David Feinberg, and Dr Louise Schaper, CEO of AIDH

A fireside chat in the closing plenary with the Chairman of Oracle Health (USA) Dr David Feinberg, a conversation with Dr Louise Schaper the CEO of AIDH

The plenary also features journalist and disability affairs reporter for the ABC Nas Campanella. Nas then joins a panel with UK policy advisor Rachel Dunscombe, citizen scientist Liz Salmi (USA) and others to discuss challenges for an accessible future.

Tuesday 11 July

5 | At 8:30am, join the plenary session for four interesting keynotes starting with a personal story by digital health leader Sari McKinnon and her patient/consumer husband Ash.

#MEDINFO23: A guide for digital health beginners (with Ashley McKinnon, Sari McKinnon FAIDH, Dr Helen Bevan, Prof Alain Labrique and Agus Rachmanto)

Dr Helen Bevan from the UK’s NHS will talk about leading large scale change. Alain Labrique, from WHO is presenting on transformation, followed by Agus Rachmanto, the Deputy Chief of Digital Transformation Office at the Ministry of Health Indonesia.

6 | At 10:40am, head to session 411: Digital moving communities to hear from healthcare leaders working in local health districts and hospitals.

#MEDINFO23: A guide for digital health beginners (with Sandra Cook, Dr Christina Igasto FAIDH, Adjunct A/Prof Aaron Jones, Amy McKimm, and Rachel Wolfe)


If you are interested in co-design and the design of health apps, drop in to Session 412 for a series of presentations and a workshop on demystifying digital health development.

#MEDINFO23: A guide for digital health beginners (with Prof Karin Thursky FAIDH, Ali Besiso, Ken Saman, and Dr Philip Gough)

7 | At 1:50pm, the workshop in session 430: Solving healthcare’s pressing challenges may be for you.

#MEDINFO23: A guide for digital health beginners (workshop on solving healthcare's pressing challenges - Workforce)

This is especially the case if your role in healthcare is involved in workforce development, planning or recruitment, or you are new to digital health but have a leadership role.

8 | The closing plenary touches on the challenge of climate change, with a panel facilitated by globally esteemed Professor of Medical Informatics, and the Director Centre for Health Informatics at Macquarie University Enrico Coiera.

#MEDINFO23: A guide for digital health beginners (with Dr Osama El Hassan, Prof Enrico Coiera FAIDH, Emeritus Prof Lesley Hughes, and Prof Nicholas Talley AC)

Dr Osama El Hassan kicks off the plenary by presenting on building digital health workforce capabilities across the GCC, and Emiritus Prof Lesley Hughes and Prof Nicholas Talley AC take part of the panel on climate change.

Wednesday 12 July

9 | The opening plenary features consumer empowerment in healthcare with A/Prof Brian Chapman, from the University of Melbourne.

#MEDINFO23: A guide for digital health beginners (with A/Prof Brian Chapman, Grahame Grieve, Prof Raina Macintyre, Amanda Cattermole, and Daniel McCabe)

FHIR founder Grahame Grieve is a keynote along with Prof Raina Macintyre who will speak on the case for AI and open source data. A highlight will be a presentation by Amanda Cattermole, CEO of the Australian Digital Health Agency and Daniel McCabe, First Assistant Secretary, Australian Department of Health and Aged Care.

10 | If you are new to digital health, this State of the Nation panel facilitated by Greg Moran from AIDH will give you an expert overview of the Australian environment in 2013.

#MEDINFO23: A guide for digital health beginners (with Dr Zoran Bolevich, Dr Tanya Kelly CHIA, Dr John Lambert, Sandra Cook, Neville Board, and Anthony Lenzarini))

Healthcare leaders taking part include Dr Zoran Bolevich, Chief Executive, eHealth NSW, Dr Tanya Kelly CHIA, Acting Chief Clinical Information Officer, eHealth Queensland, clinical technologist Dr John Lambert, Sandra Cook from ACT Health, Neville Board, Chief Digital Health Officer, Dept of Health Victoria, and Anthony Lenzarini, Director Health Support Services, WA Health.

11 | At 12:45pm, check out the Ignite stage in the Innovation Expo.

Ignite Stage

Hear rapid fire updates on great topics while you’re having refreshments.

12 | At 1:50pm, find out why interoperability is so vital to underpin digital health.

#MEDINFO23: A guide for digital health beginners (final plenary)

Hear from global experts in the closing plenary with a panel convened by Heather Grain. This is followed by presentation of award winning papers culminating in the presentation to the winner of the most prestigious IMIA accolade the IMIA François Grémy Award of Excellence.