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The last few years proved to be challenging for most businesses. Particularly for event sponsors, it has created the urgent need to revaluate how best to connect with your market. We are here to offer strategies and solutions and help you identify how best to reach AIDH and IMIA’s growing global community of 30,000+ digital health professionals who share the desire to deliver better healthcare through health-IT.

Partners of MedInfo 2023 receive valuable branding with reach across the global sector in the lead-up to the event and to connect with delegates during the conference and continue the relationship post-event.

Let’s connect the dots. Bespoke packages are available to meet budgets and objectives. Chat with Chris about your ideas for MedInfo 2023.

Meet and collaborate with the global digital health sector

You will network with powerful and engaged audience The roles that will attend MedInfo 2023 include but are not limited to:



Healthcare consumers

Residential and aged care providers

Medical software and systems developers

Biomedical and health informatics researchers and students

Health system managers

Public health professionals

Healthcare IT professionals

Innovators and entrepreneurs

Health and healthcare standards developers

Government officials and policy makers