The Nursing and Midwifery Digital Health Conference 2023 – Creating a digitally savvy workforce is taking place on Day 1 of #MEDINFO23 on Saturday 8 July 2023. In line with the theme of MedInfo 2023 (THE FUTURE IS ACCESSIBLE), the event aims to inspire nurses and midwives to become digitally empowered in the future delivery of care to achieve quality outcomes across all healthcare settings.

The conference focuses on four main themes: digital professionalism, data-enabled care, technology, and leadership and advocacy. With expert speakers from around the world and informative sessions, attendees can expect to learn about best practices and strategies for implementing digital health technologies in their work.

The program starts off with a session on digital professionalism, exploring topics such as the importance of digital security, the consequences of digital poverty, and the importance of mastery a digital identity.

The data and enables care session focuses on the role of nurses and midwives in the management of data, translation of nursing and midwifery data to information, knowledge, and wisdom, data informed decision making, digital health governance and more.

In the technology themed sessions attendees will learn about digital health innovation, mHealth devices, smart devices, interoperable data collection, codesigned devices, virtual reality educational tools and robotics in healthcare.

Finally the Leadership and advocacy themes looks at topics such as partnering with recipients of care/consumers about data collection, access, and use, educating colleagues and consumers about digital health initiatives, advocating for consumer access to digital health initiatives and influencing organisational and jurisdictional digital health strategies

The Nursing and Midwifery Digital Health Conference is an excellent opportunity for nursing and midwifery professionals to stay ahead of the curve in digital health. Mark in your calendars this important event, and join us in Sydney this July for a day of learning, networking, and inspiration!