Consumer Partner Scholarship Program

The MedInfo 2023 Consumer Partner Scholarship Program is a program set up for consumers, patients and advocates who would not be otherwise financially supported to attend a conference.

By attending through the scholarship program, consumer and patient partners will be able to take advantage of unique opportunities to advance understanding of the value of consumer engagement in digital health and health informatics, and the work of the healthcare sector.

Recipients will be fully funded to travel and attend the conference, with AIDH covering airfares, accommodation, meals, and event registration.

MedInfo 2023 is a Patients Included™ conference:

  • Patients or caregivers with experience relevant to the conference’s central theme actively participated in the design and planning of the event, including the selection of themes, topics and speakers.
  • Patients or caregivers with experience of the issues addressed by the event will participate in its delivery, and appear in its physical audience.
  • Travel and accommodation expenses for patients or carers participating in the advertised programme are paid in full, in advance. Scholarships are provided by the conference organisers to allow patients or carers affected by the relevant issues to attend as delegates.
  • The disability requirements of participants are accommodated. All applicable sessions, breakouts, ancillary meetings, and other programme elements are open to patient delegates.
  • Access for virtual participants is facilitated, with free streaming video provided online wherever possible.

Applications for the scholarship program have now closed.

About the scholarship

For MedInfo 2023, 4 full scholarships will be provided, 2 for local attendees and 2 for non-local attendees.

Each recipient will receive:

  • 1 x complimentary full conference registration
  • 1 x round trip economy class air or train fare*
  • Up to 4 nights accommodation at the conference hotel*
  • 5 days per diem for breakfast/dinner expense*
  • Access to the conference recordings for a limited time post event

*Local attendees will have their registration fees waived, no travel or per diem will be provided.

Unsuccessful applicants who meet the application criteria will be given access to the conference recordings for a limited-time post event.

Expectations on scholarship recipients

Successful applicants are expected to:

  • Participate at a pre-conference meeting, happening in Q2 2023
  • Attend all days of the Conference
  • Provide feedback on their experience to the conference organiser post the event
  • Contribute, through a written testimony, or to an article for an AIDH publication, following the conference

Application criteria

  • For Australian applicants only
  • For individual patients / advocates who would not otherwise be financially supported to attend the conference (e.g. through employment, a project, grant or professional source)
  • Applicants will need to provide a CV/description of their advocacy work and/or interests